My Birth Plan

[Note: I wrote this for the birth of my daughter, Roxanne, in 2016. I probably did not need to be as specific as I was, honestly. But I wasn't sure how much I would be aware of at the hospital, so I wanted to be sure they wouldn't simply do things without asking me. I also did not want to seem over-bearing or annoying; doctors and nurses are there to help me. My doctor assured me that this was a pretty "normal" type of birth plan and that she saw no issues with it.]

Subject to emergency situations. I am very excited to labor & deliver in a hospital that is open to natural procedures. However, if an emergency situation occurs, I would like to participate in the decision of how it is handled.

If at all possible, I desire to have a tub in my room.

Medical Options

  • Please explain any procedure before performing it (even simple ones, such as an IV). I just want to be informed. 
  • I plan to have a “natural,” unmedicated birth as much as I am able; please only offer pain medication at my request.
  • Refer all questions or requests to my husband, Josh, or my close friend, Tammy, who will then communicate them to me.  
  • I understand that you must monitor me and the baby for safety, but I would like as little interference with the laboring process as possible so that I can labor in ways that feel comfortable to me. 

Natural Birth Techniques (that I would like to use)

  • Play music and/or nature sounds
  • Use birth ball
  • Changing positions/walk
  • Essential oils in various ways
  • Spend time in the shower/bathtub
  • Breathing for relaxation

For Baby

  • My husband, Josh, would like to cut the umbilical cord and be involved in the birth as he is able. 
  • I prefer that the use of forceps/vacuum not be used to speed up the delivery process.
  • Please allow me to hold the baby immediately after birth. 
  • I plan to breastfeed, so please don’t give any bottles, pacifiers, or anything else to my baby that would interfere with breastfeeding.
  • I would like to hold my baby/breastfeed as soon as possible.
  • I am okay with the general baby procedures after birth (vitamin K shot, etc.) but PLEASE DO NOT GIVE MY BABY ANY VACCINES. We will be delaying the process. 
  • I would like my baby to room-in with me during my hospital stay.


  • If it is at all possible, I would like to request that I see a lactation consultant while I’m at the hospital, as I am concerned about nursing with my inverted nipples. 
  • Please have the pediatrician see me or Josh before seeing the baby, so we can be sure no vaccines will be administered.