About Caity

On September 12th, 2016, a little baby girl came into this world and exploded life as I knew it. Some days this feels real to me, but most days it feels like a dream - the good kind, but one I can't wake up from, either.

I'm a mom.

I've been married since April 2016 to the most amazing man. AdventureDad and I got to start out as coworkers and friends before anything else developed, and I am so thankful for that foundation of laughter and honesty. My biggest struggle with being married? Communication.

My biggest goal right now is inspiring other women of all types to live their adventures right now. 

Not when their boyfriend finally proposes. Not when they move into a "real" house. Not when their babies grow up or go to college or move out. Living your adventure gets to start right now, in the midst of chaos, and in the very heart of all those awkward transitions.

I have to tell you, I've started blogs before. Ones that turned out to be vastly unsuccessful, considering that I had nothing much to write about in high school. What did I know about life back then? But now I have things to share: the places I've traveled, people I've met, experiences such as marriage and pregnancy to write laugh about. I hope you enjoy laughing with me.

Writing gets me excited about life. I love the way we can put our ideas on "paper" and somebody else actually has a chance to connect with them. I love being heard, but letting people read what I write has always felt like an invasion of privacy to me. I'm a bit insecure that way. This means that while I cringe at feedback, I desperately need it to improve! Please don't hesitate to comment on anything I write. Even shoot me an email if you want!