Mama Needs Some Help

Update: this post contains a lot of negative things in my life right now. I am now a few weeks away from these things, and time has ironed out several of them. But I am keeping this post up because I want y'all to know that life is full of things are tough and that we can't control! I am okay and I will get through it, but I like to know that I am not alone. What's something that's been bothering you lately? What helped you get through it? Do you ever feel like you need someone to just come alongside you and help - or instead tell you to "suck it up"? 

Any and all women, mamas, or knowledgeable persons, I could really use your help today! I am struggling with several issues, all of which have been problematic for two weeks, and I am ready to collapse, give up, and just watch This Is Us for the next 72 hours.

All of the issues are listed in bold, feel free to scroll to the one you have experience with and, I beg of you, leave a comment below with any advice or encouragement that you can muster. I am one tired, fed-up, dried out, angry mama this week, and it's in nobody's best interests that I stay this way.

^^^ Baby Issues ^^^


Lately, I have not been able to get Roxy, one year old, to eat anything, except occasionally some cheddar cheese or a banana smoothie. She won't even drink milk out of a cup or bottle. I feel like I am already setting her up for bad eating habits (letting her snack a lot, not giving her balanced meals, etc.). I could really use some tips for simple meal options that I could offer her. Because lately, it's just been ending up on the floor.

Now, this disinterest in eating could be a result of...


She is apparently getting more teeth in, quite possibly her molars. Oh, the joys of childhood. she's been feverish on and off for about a week now, which could also be a side effect of getting her first ever immunizations last Friday (don't even get me started on shots).

Anywho, it's been one long week and I'm just wondering: how long to I let this go on before I need to do something more proactive about it all?


Because of the above two toddler problems, the weaning process is obviously not going well. Many mothers seem perfectly comfortable breastfeeding their babies into the toddler years, and while I have nothing against that, I am quite frankly done with breastfeeding. Each day goes as follows:

Mama wakes up, relaxed, calm, and ready to cut out one or two breastfeeding sessions during the day. Baby wakes and refuses to eat food, will hold sippy cup of milk like a champ but won't even consider the contents, and then spends the rest of the day sobbing, screaming, rubbing her jawline and biting her fingers, and generally acting like she is in terrible pain. Mama gives in and pulls out her boobs about 12 different times that day.

I am not about breastfeeding on demand or nursing her to sleep, so she literally does not depend on it in any sorts of confusing ways. One would think that this would make weaning easier, but apparently it does not.

^^^ Mama Issues ^^^

cutting out  SUGAR AND/OR GRAINS  from your diet

I think it's actually time to cut out sugar completely from my diet. (Below you will find my reasons for this.) I have tried to do this before, with only semi-successful results. Sugar and bread are my two best friends. I rarely go a week without making muffins, and I've recently made homemade bread and English muffins from scratch. Baking is my love. And I'm sorry, but gluten-free, sugar-free recipes have always turned out to be crumbly, less-than-satisfactory alternatives in my kitchen.

Have you ever cut out sugar, wheat/gluten, or grains in general? How did you stick with it? I can go on for a little while, but only if I allow myself to go "off diet" about once a week. Ugh. I have read Made to Crave, The Daniel Plan, The Trim Healthy Mama books, and more, and I agree with their methods. But following through on these diet changes seems like the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest for me.

Just do me a favor and don't mention to me that it's fall, the season of everything pumpkin spice; I've kind of been saving up to have a Pumpkin Spice Latte or make Chocolate Chip Pumpkin bread...


I must truly be part of the Grownup Women's Club, now, because I have officially experienced my first yeast infection. Or at least I think I have. The jury's still out on my health insurance, so I haven't had a chance to get an official gynecologist's opinion.

I've had the symptoms of a yeast infection for nearly two weeks now. This week I went to Walmart, picked up a 3-day round of Monistat (an antifungal/antibiotic pack), and somehow the symptoms of a yeast infection still linger.

In answer to all of your questions, yes, I've taken a couple pregnancy tests, and no, I am not pregnant. Sigh. It would be an excellent excuse for how emotional I've been lately, though.


I could write a year's worth of hate-mail about this topic. No, seriously. I have had dandruff on and off my entire life, and nothing has completely wiped it out. It has recently gotten bad enough that I've scratched at it, created scabs, picked the scabs, and thus caused portions of my scalp to be tender and, well, kind of gross.

A word to anyone else with dandruff: don't go after that "Head & Shoulders" shampoo. I'm almost convinced that it is making the problem worse, at this point.

On top of all of these things, I've had trouble waking up in the morning, and have felt tired enough to need a nap in the afternoons (reinforcing the false belief that I am pregnant). Have you felt this wearing away, this burden of so many things you can't fix? This tiredness that is mostly mental?

If you see me cursing at my dog as we walk along the trails, you will know it is not because he tried to pull me into a ditch for the 30th time that day; it is because I feel like I have no control over my own bodily issues, so I'd at least like to control my dog. If you notice me crying in the middle of the grocery store, you will know that it is not because my daughter threw her sippy cup onto the well-trod-on floor; it is because she has't eaten or drank anything all day unless it came from my boobs, and I just want her to drink from a cup.

I know that I am not alone in these lovely problems that wear away at my patience. But oh, friends, I feel alone.


  1. I was just chatting with a friend and said that the gray in my hair is making me feel like I'm aging by the strand. What gives? I'm not even old. Well... I don't think so anyway!

    1. I've heard that old is more about the mind than anything, so definitely go with how you feel rather than wrinkles or gray hairs! haha

  2. I have chronic dandruff too. T-Gel a couple times a week seems to help. As for the exhaustion . . . no help here. I'm exhausted all the time. Like tired in my bones and in my soul tired. Just keep hanging on, mama!

    1. Yes, tired seems to be the mom mantra, and as well-publicized as it is, I don't think coffee's the answer! I'll check out the T-Gel.

  3. I used T-Gel (Or T-Fal) as well and it helped. Someone told me to get a shampoo with tar in it and T-Gel does. Smells bad...but works. I also used a Tea Tree shampoo from Nature's Gate that keeps dandruff at bay. You can order it from Amazon.
    Have you had your thyroid checked? That may be a source of tiredness.
    Will your little one eat muffins? I had one little one who was "failure to thrive" and my sister would make muffins with anything she could grind up (spinach, broccoli, apples, pears, kale, raisins, could even put a bit of cheese in)-meal in a muffin.
    Have you tried a straw to get milk in her? Put straw in the milk and put finger over top of straw then let her chew/suck on the other end. Also, some kids don't like sippy cups and will drink better if you just hold a cup and let them drink from the side. Just a thought

    1. I keep hearing about the T-Gel, I'll have to check it out. I have not had my thyroid checked recently...I probably should. A friend told me recently that pregnancy can trigger thyroid issues.

      Muffins and smoothies are my go-to! She loves them, but lately he just doesn't want anything in her mouth apparently. I'm sure it's just a phase, and I need to just be calm and stick with it.

  4. I have lots of these issues too. For teething, we used an amber teething necklace and teething tablets.

    1. Thanks! I took her amber necklace off ages ago because she was starting to pull at it in her crib, but maybe I can try putting it on again...

  5. For the little one issues I know you won't want to hear it, but sometimes it's just hard. Trying to get your little one to eat normal food, sometimes it's just a phase. And trying to wean your little one while they're not feeling well or teething, is not the best time to be doing it (I speak from experience). Most of my kiddos have a terrible time teething and the symptoms seem to last forever. But I promise that THEY DON'T! As for the dandruff, have you tried the Head and Shoulders with Tea Tree oil in it? I love that stuff. Also though, something that has really helped me (I have all sorts of scalp issues) is adding a couple of drops of geranium essential oils to my handful of shampoo before I massage it into my scalp. I seriously notice a huge difference.

    1. Thanks, I will definitely try geranium oil! And you're totally right about it just being a hard phase. I need to relax, trust God, and stop trying to MAKE things happen when I want to. Motherhood involves so much patience and learning.

  6. I'm so sorry mama! I've struggled with many of these things and you are definitely not alone. As for the things going on with your baby, I definitely noticed a change in irritability when my kids were teething or got shots. They were more needy and didn't eat as well. It will pass (thankfully) but in the mean time, I wouldn't worry about giving a balanced diet so much as making sure she's eating something and drinking something. Also, if you're trying to eliminate sugar and bread from your diet that could be affecting your energy level. My husband recently made a huge change in his diet and he was so tired for about a week until his body got used to not having those things. Those are just a few thoughts that came into my mind as I was reading. Good luck mama. :)

    1. Oh that makes sense! That it will take my body time to adjust. I was more thinking that I would just crave the things I took out of my diet, not that it would make me tired. Good to know! Thank you for the encouragement :)