13 Summer Fun Hacks

Some seasons of life can make you feel like you’re being chased by time in the form of a rabid dog. And in that case, you have no choice but to constantly run away, right?

Summer tends to get that way. Between events that you feel obligated to go to (there’s a long list of weddings and graduations, isn’t there?) and the knowledge that summer is so darn short, you’re likely to get frazzled. In no time at all, you’re hovering in September over a cup of coffee, wondering where the summer went.

Here’s the secret to summer: it’s okay to drop your to-do list. In five years, what will you remember about this summer? How pretty your house was, how much money you made, or how much fun you had with those beautiful people in your life?

Obviously, my go-to activity is taking a hike (because that can happen anytime, anywhere, with anyone big or small), but I want to challenge myself and y'all to try some new things - or some old things, with new flair.

To help you own your summer, I’ve put together a list of things that will take you back to summers as a kid – when everything seemed simpler, and all that mattered was being in the sun with your bestest of friends.

  • Run through the sprinkler. Turn on some music and go to town, sister. This can totally count as today’s workout.
  • Eat popsicles. Doesn’t matter how old you are or how uncertain you are about popsicles, you can’t help but feel like a kid when you’re eating one.
  • Go to the library. They host lots of free programs and activities, for kids and adults. And it’s never too late to get you or your kids interested in reading.
  • Have a picnic. It could be the same exact food you were planning to have indoors…just taken outside. 
  • Head for the beach. A lot of us are landlocked, so this one may sound impossible to you. But any body of water will do; river, lake, pool, what have you. Just pack up some essentials and park yourself near water for a few hours. Kids tend to entertain themselves at an outdoor oasis.
  • Pick strawberries. This one costs a little money, but you’re getting the juiciest berries in return. You spend extra minutes in the store trying to pick out the best looking carton of strawberries anyway; why not get in the fields and do it yourself? Bring your kids and pick enough to make some homemade jam or fresh strawberry pie. Mmm.
  • Do the Mom Mall Walk.  I live in Texas, so the heat can get pretty unbearable. But to save my sanity, I need to get out of the house often. One of the cheapest ways to do this is to head for the mall. It’s cool as a refrigerator in there, there’s plenty of space to push around strollers (invite some other moms along!), and some malls even have playgrounds for older kids.

Aaaaaand, in case you have a little cash to throw around, here's some stuff that takes a little more money and/or effort:

  • Go to a drive-in movie theater. There’ll be crickets chirping and stars overhead and you can snuggle with your honey and as many pillows as you want in the comfort of your own car. Go ahead and bring your own snacks while you’re at it (we even took a pizza in with us and nobody was the wiser). Plus, you generally get two movies for the price of one!
  • Get active indoors. There are some pretty great things these days, not least of which are indoor arcades and mini golf. Yep, that’s right. Air conditioning and Cinnabon and a little healthy competition could make for the perfect family day (or fun date with your spouse).
  • Plan a BBQ. If you have a grill, invite somebody over for a barbeque and ask your husband to strap on an apron. Have your guests bring a side dish or their favorite beverage to lighten the burden of cooking. Don’t worry about having a fancy porch or patio. And as for your lack of fine china? Paper plates are completely acceptable.
  • Make lemonade and cookies. Concocting things in the kitchen with your littles is the best way to start giggling. There may be flour everywhere, but messes can always be cleaned up; memories can’t always be made. Set up a little stand outside your house to sell your homemade treats, or share them with your neighbors for free!
  • Pitch a tent. Campgrounds are generally ten times cheaper than a hotel. And instead of turning on the TV or heading to an expensive restaurant, you and your family can bond over cooking your own meals and setting up a tent! (Bonus: you could actually just set up a tent in your backyard, giving yourself a chance to opt-out if weather or bugs ruin the experience.)
  • Brunch it up. How amazing would it be to have a fabulous breakfast with the girls? Ask a couple of women to come over to your house next week for brunch. Since you’re the hostess, you can tell them what foods to bring. Pretend you’re at a restaurant – let the kids go wild in the other room – and just enjoy conversation and good eats.

Fill up your summer with giggles and sunshine, and don’t forget to take deep, mind-clearing breaths in the midst of the chaos. Oh, and I'd love it if you shared this image on Pinterest <3


  1. I love these fun summer ideas! I needed the reminder that it's okay to drop my to-do list for the summer and just have fun!

    1. It really is okay to get "nothing done" when you're making memories with the kids! It doesn't mean you get to be completely irresponsible (haha), but you do get to choose a priority :)

  2. Such fun activity ideas! I think I'm more excited for Summer than even my kids are. This list is a great start to get us going!

    1. Right? I want to celebrate this season tremendously.

  3. I seriously love watching my little ones run through the sprinklers, they always have so much fun doing it! And berry picking is the best!

    1. It's the simplest joys that are the best <3

  4. We lived in Texas (Round Rock) for 2 years when my little guy was little and everything you've shared on true ways to have fun and survive the TX heat.

    1. It's so tough with the heat! Getting up early helps lol