Donuts, Diets, and That Skinny Chick Next-door

It was an ordinary Wednesday night. A thunderstorm rolled in the darkness outside the windows. The baby was sound asleep in her crib. And obviously, I was exhausted from the day and should have been going to bed.

But I felt a little tease of hunger tugging at me. I could not shake the feeling that I needed me some food. Barefoot, tousled-haired, and determined, I slipped into the kitchen and started whipping up a batch of chocolate chip pancakes.

Ten o'clock at night, and there's butter frying in a pan and mini chocolate chips dotting the floor. (My husband just laughed and told me I was cute. I believed him.)

Skinny chicks can be addicted to food, too.

I'm not talking about eating disorders - obesity, bulemia, anorexia, etc. That's a whole other thing. I'm talking about being emotionally connected to food in such a way that it kinda controls your life. This can happen to anyone. It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside - it matters what food is doing to your insides, how it's affecting your decisions and playing on your heart.

How I Use Pinterest to Meal-Plan

Chili Lime Fajita Salad
My Pinterest is a cluttered, hot mess. Just trying to find my way around all of the boards on there gives me a headache. I end up finding the perfect dessert for next week's bible study and planning how to redecorate the baby's room, but all I really wanted needed to do was make dinner.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a quick and easy way to reorganize and or/delete your pins. I certainly do not have time to sift through 3,000 photos and delete the clutter one pin at a time.

I need a better way to harness Pinterest's amazing resources when it comes to meal-planning. I want to be able to find that one recipe I tried a month ago, without wading through a bunch of other things that make me drool - things that I don't even have the ingredients for.

We've all experienced the before-dinner panic or the pang of frustration when you look at your grocery bill and realize you bought lots of unnecessary items. Meal-planning can save you tons of money and stress. BUT it can sap a lot of your time.

Enter my quick method of meal-planning Pinterest boards.

13 Summer Fun Hacks

Some seasons of life can make you feel like you’re being chased by time in the form of a rabid dog. And in that case, you have no choice but to constantly run away, right?

Summer tends to get that way. Between events that you feel obligated to go to (there’s a long list of weddings and graduations, isn’t there?) and the knowledge that summer is so darn short, you’re likely to get frazzled. In no time at all, you’re hovering in September over a cup of coffee, wondering where the summer went.

Here’s the secret to summer: it’s okay to drop your to-do list. In five years, what will you remember about this summer? How pretty your house was, how much money you made, or how much fun you had with those beautiful people in your life?

Obviously, my go-to activity is taking a hike (because that can happen anytime, anywhere, with anyone big or small), but I want to challenge myself and y'all to try some new things - or some old things, with new flair.

To help you own your summer, I’ve put together a list of things that will take you back to summers as a kid – when everything seemed simpler, and all that mattered was being in the sun with your bestest of friends.