Quicksand Days

I need to stop spending so much money on groceries. The headache's back - drink more water. I'm never going to get my house organized the way I want it. Ugh, my hair; back in the bun it goes. My head is full but suddenly I'm bored, listless, depressed. Sucked into the mundane again.

When did all this little stuff become so big? When did I start worrying more about dirty dishes than about my husband's smiles? When did holding my beautiful baby in my arms become less than enough for me? What the heck am I even worrying about?

Together Forever

When I picture forever being with my man, I see us standing next to each other, holding hands and so in love. We are strong in the face of whatever comes. We are in this together, like a team of horses pulling the same carriage.

And that's sometimes what being together forever looks like. But it is also a bunch of other rubbish that falls between the cracks, things that I don't want to picture at all. Things that make me feel lonely and displaced from the romantic image in my head.

April Mini Post (+ some exciting news!)


Focusing on one yoga pose clears my head. It was so refreshing to only have one physical goal for the month of March that I've decided to keep it going this month, too. I'm still working on my crow pose; my big picture goal for the year is a handstand.

Babies grow (and learn) s l o w l y. Mine is 6 months and I've been entirely too result-focused. I am seeing some progress in my baby "projects", though: she's eating a little bit more food, actually peeing in her little baby potty (post to come on that soon!) and using the sign for "milk" when she sees me.

Veggies can be luxuriously tasty and simple. There are two veggies that I'm uber excited to share with you. One is spaghetti squash (which you can cut in half, throw in a crockpot with frozen chicken breast, and have an entire meal ready with almost no prep work. The squash innards literally come apart in spaghetti form. Genius.) and zucchini (which can be scooped out, baked, and then filled with sausage, cheese, or other protein for a tasty zucchini boat dinner).

Drinking water is life-changing. The more water you drink, the less likely you are to snack, overeat at mealtimes, and get that heavy, lazy feeling in your body. As a breastfeeding mama I have been drinking almost 100 oz. per day!

Fellowship is not nice - it's necessary. Living a life mostly in my home, mostly alone, and limiting my social life to instagram has been, well, not good. God meant us to do life together, and introvert or not, I need some solid social interaction. To help with this, I became part of a three-month Mom Love Fellowship group that a blogger friend started. I'm also forcing myself out of the house more often, making friends with my neighbors, and taking phone calls. Shocking, I know.


This month I'm doing a capsule wardrobe (known as Project 333), keeping up with my yoga pose challenge, and focusing on my baby girl's sign language.

But by far the most exciting part of this new month is that I'm toeing the lines of my comfort zone and sending out a mini newsletter! This will be a short encouragement series that goes out once a week for four weeks, for a total of four little emails just for you. I'll be giving you some real questions to guide you towards recognizing and using the talents you have. Those dreams and skills you have, even if buried deep or forgotten, are meant to shine!

I'm curious to see how this changes my connections with y'all. I so desperately want to be more than a page to you; I want to laugh and cry and pray with you - essentially, I want to be your friend. I haven't had many close friends this past year, and it resulted in a lot of unnecessary feelings of loneliness. That being said, God is always always always more than enough to fill any void in my life.

The Capsule Wardrobe, Phase 1: Project 333

Somehow it's (almost) Easter and spring and I missed all of winter because I'm in Texas now and holy cow is this year going by fast! Last week I gave y'all a few tips on minimalism and how it can benefit your life. Today I'd like to share with you one big way I'm letting it affect my life as part of my April monthly venture. 

Project 333 is a minimalist challenge that encourages you to revamp your wardrobe and take your fashion style to the next level. The challenge is to take your current wardrobe and scale it down to a manageable amount of items. Things that you will actually wear, and wear well. The goal is to have a compact closet filled only with items that you love and that work well together.

It does not mean that you have to wear the same shirt every day. It does not mean that your wardrobe has to consist of one or two colors. It does not mean you have to wear boring things. And it does not mean that you have to give away everything that isn't part of your chosen 33 items.

What it does mean is that you open yourself up to a little extra space and free time. There's also the added bonus of less dirty laundry floating around. And because you have only a few things to take care of, it is easy to hang up, fold, and generally keep things tidy. Are you ready to be bold, simplified, and freed from excess?