loving the home you have

A new month should come with a fresh start - so why not a new challenge? I know I'm a week behind, but having a newborn with napping issues doesn't lend itself to being on top of the changing seasons.

Since I am an avid reader, people are always giving me books. Which of course I don't mind at all. But it does take me awhile to wade through them - especially when most of them are non-fiction (please someone send me some stories). I recently picked up this one and got so excited about it that I have to share:

This book (and I am only just diving in) takes you on a journey to learning to love the place you live in right now by making it into the home you want it to be. We all love imagining our perfect place to live; my husband and I love to talk about the things we want in our dream house when, you know, we become millionaires. The plans involve a climbing wall to an upstairs loft and a ginormous kitchen.

But the point is, no matter where you live right now, you can make it into something that you want to come home to. A place where you love creating memories. Because, duh, this is where you live. Don't wait till you get the house you want. Start now - whether you have your own apartment, you live with your parents, or you have a home of your own that's still in the works.


I am going to spend 31 days following the challenges in the back of the book. I'll be posting about them on Instagram (every day) and sharing each challenge with you so that you can follow along if you like.

To get us started, choose one of the following mini tasks for inspiration:
#1 List three reasons you're grateful for the home you have.
#2 Start a special tradition or create a fun memory in your home.
#3 Think of one area of your home you enjoy.

Be sure to comment which mini task you chose and why, so we can start this challenge together! Here's mine, #1:
  • Location. We may not be in the greatest neighborhood, but I feel safe where we are. This is huge when I'm toting around my baby. We are also within twenty minutes of just about everything in town, there's a library two minutes away, and I am near several hiking spots. Oh, and I can see the mountains when I walk out my door.
  • Ownership. We don't own it, of course. Still I like to think of it as ours. We don't have to live with someone else or depend on rent money coming from somewhere else. We are on our own. So so many people have helped us in a million ways, but I can't help but be thankful that we are able to simply have a place to live right now on our own.
  • Little things. Our apartment feels so small to me. But the truth is, it isn't bad at all. There are wood floors which I love. We have a walk-in closet in the bedroom. There is somehow room for our bed and Roxy's crib in the bedroom. The kitchen is basically a hallway, but next to it is this great closet/pantry shelf thing that makes all the difference. I am able to find room to do yoga, the shower has strong water pressure, I get to take baths, there is a big window in the living space...when you're looking, it's easy to find things that are positive.
I know someday I am going to look back on our "cute first apartment" with all its crappy furniture, creaky doors, and gummed-up cabinets and miss the fun times we had in it. Despite the claustrophobia that settles in around me like a dust blanket when I'm in our home too much, I know that this is a special place. One already full to the brim with memories...

The first meal I cooked for AdventureDad, and the first time he got to say, "Honey, I'm home!"

The night we made chocolate cake and pizza (from scratch, of course) and ended up with flour everywhere - including my eyes.

The afternoon we carried our new baby girl, Roxy, over the threshold, exhaustion and a strange sense of calm permeating the air.

Roxy's first smile.

Purging our stuff together while we tell each other stories about each item (old climbing gear, diy tees, random eBay purchases, that thing we've had for years and refuse to ditch, my baby blanket from home that is Roxy's now, the collection of pocket knives stashed in the closet...).

The fights we've had. Tears, laughter, shame, sin, forgiveness, learning to communicate...so much learning and growing has happened.

And the truth is, my thoughts towards our home play a pivotal role in how we live. I have been focused on first my pregnancy, then our new baby, and I've taken it upon myself to assume that this apartment is so temporary I need not worry about it being a true home at all.

We could be here for two more months. or we could be here for two more years. God knows.

I'm so excited to challenge myself to look at my home differently. Not in pursuit of perfection or Pinterest-worthy decor, but for the sake of my personal contentment. I will be where I am right now. And when things change, I will let it go.

See you tomorrow on Instagram (@grownup_adventure_girl) for day one of the challenge! If you're not on Instagram, I'm hoping to do a recap of the challenge here on the blog; either halfway through and/or at the end of the challenge. Hope you feel inspired to join me!

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  1. This concept is so hard for me. We are living in the nicest home we ever have as a couple and for me I find it the most unpleasant because we have to live with Dans parents. Even when we lived with friends in an open loft without walls, I still enjoyed living there more. In this home it's decorated how I like, it's in the country, we have privacy, but the tensions within these walls are almost too much to bear sometimes. I'm constantly asking Dan if we can live in a camper somewhere lol. But that's also my adventurous spirit showing. Sometimes I despise "comfort" because it feels like a fake mask of whats really underneath. This house is brand new and appears perfect, but it doesn't feel like home.