Book Review, Round Two

My second round of book reviews contains some random, unconnected books. I'm trying to be brave and venture out into the book world again, but it takes time finding books and ordering them from the library, rather than perusing Barnes & Noble and purchasing whatever takes my fancy. Any suggestions for future reads?

If there are any books you'd like me to read and review for you, please let me know! I love excuses to read more than I already do. And I'm happy to share my little adventures into the written word. 

When by Victoria Laurie

Category: YA Fiction
Type: Easy Read
Elements: Suspense, family issues, romance, crime, present day

A sixteen-year-old girl has an interesting gift: she can see anyone's deathdate, alive or dead. Not surprisingly, this ends up getting her caught up in a murder case. The story that follows is both believable and a bit creepy.

This book is definitely geared towards younger readers. I let my inner editor come out and criticize the pages as I read them, which generally means that I'm not caught up in the story enough to forget there ever was an author. The general language of the book made the main character seem much younger to me (unless I'm just suddenly way older than I thought I was...).

The premise of the book kept me going, though, and I enjoyed the little tickles of suspense. There's enough good story here to make it worth the read. I just have to remind myself that I should lean towards more adult books in the future.

The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon

Category: Adult Fiction
Type: Easy Read (but pay attention to detail)
Elements: Suspense, horror, supernatural, family issues, romance, historical and present day,

This book follows the tale of two sisters, Sylvie and Rose, growing up in the 1950s, and connects their tale with the future lives of Rose's daughter and her two friends. It hops back and forth between past and present in an exciting way that lends a great air of mystery to the whole thing. The entire time, it's obvious that something very off is going on...but you can't really be sure what. 

This is a book that I stumbled upon at my library's "for sale" shelf. It cost maybe a dollar and it looked intriguing, so I brought it home...where it sat on my shelf for a month or two. Then one pregnant night, when I was cranky and bored but didn't want to sleep, I pulled it out and ventured in. 

The Night Sister surprised me with it's weirdness, let me tell you. Generally, supernatural books contain so many otherworldly elements that when the main character blasts someone with magic, you're hardly surprised. But this one was not about magic. It was very grounded in normal life and historical aspects, making the supernatural hints jarring and unexpected. Quite good, if bizarre.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Category: Adult Fiction
Type: Easy Read
Elements: Romance, travel, paraplegics, family issues, and British things

You've most likely heard of this one, since it was recently made into a movie (which I haven't seen yet - yes I am way behind on my movie-watching status, but going to the theater with a newborn is not super feasible).

Let me begin by saying, I LOVED THIS BOOK. It pulled me in immediately. Because of course I love the different language that comes with a British setting. Plus the story just takes your emotions and runs away with them, and my hormonal post-baby heart just ate it up. I think I may have teared up more than once.

A small part of my enthusiasm could have come from the fact that it was the first novel I read post-partum. I was feeling overwhelmed by the baby and confused by what to do in my free time. There are those newborn moments where your mom-brain won't shut up and you feel constantly on edge, only able to think about the baby...a good book really helps gain some perspective. 

What am I reading now? I'm about to pick up Pirate's Alley by Suzanne Johnson. Sounds a bit cheesy, I know, but it says fans of Jim Butcher should enjoy it, so...

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