Wait Patiently + MOPS 28-Day Challenge, Week 4

In case my baby bump selfies have left you with the impression that being pregnant is always adorable, I have to say: BEING PREGNANT IS UNEXPLAINABLY HARD.

There have been so many days recently where I crawl (not an exaggeration) out of bed. Days I start to cry and I can't stop - without explanation. Days I get ten minutes into my workout and I feel like like I'm dying, when the only thing that gets me through is angry music (I'm talking Five Finger Death Punch, Crossfade, Saliva...not really "certified mom music").

Days I don't want to eat because nothing sounds good, when the amount of time it takes to slather pb and j on bread is just long enough to make me decide that I don't want it anymore.

I made it out the door yesterday on my way to my doctor's appointment and I realized that I forgot my ever-present nalgene...and I didn't put on deodorant! Guess I'm just lucky I managed to brush my teeth.

So yeah. Pregnancy can be tough. However, there are a few things that keep me going:

1. My husband.
2. Moving - even if it's just a walk to the mailboxes.
3. Telling myself to breathe...and/or nap.

The theme of this week? Wait patiently. I cannot express to you how much God has been hounding me with this truth. Wait to see progress. Wait for important things to get finalized. Wait for the baby to come.

Life is the waiting, though, those awkward in-betweens. Life is not a series of accomplishments or arrivals. It is a path filled with slow transitions.

Anywho, this is it. The last week of the 28-Day Challenge. To finalize it all, I was dared to plan a "One Big Thing" that I've always wanted to do. Something that was specifically for me. You'll get to see a post on my big thing next Monday or Tuesday (unless the baby decides to arrive, haha).

For now, here is the rest of this week's daily challenges:

Day 22: Banishing Ghosts

September 1st

DARE: Organize your closet. Get rid of any clothing that makes you feel terribly about yourself.

I only spent about fifteen minutes on this one. I was afraid if I was in that closet any longer than that, I would start going through literally EVERYTHING, and my husband would come home five hours later and find me sobbing on the floor - with no dinner made. All things are more overwhelming when you are pregnant.

But I did manage to purge a few things! It's hard to know what what I'll even be wearing post-baby... 

Day 23: Campfires and Confessionals

Sept. 2nd

TRUTH: When did you last push the boundaries of your comfort zone?

I've toed the boundary line a lot with little things - using elk meat in recipes; doing adult things like getting electronics repaired, combining bank accounts, and figuring out Medicaid and WIC; being honest in this blog; and spending time with God even though it feels strained and awkward. But I haven't done anything big outside of the boundary recently.

Day 24: Hearing God

Sept. 3rd

TRUTH: What distracts you most from being present in your life?

Probably my phone. I use my phone to avoid being vulnerable in social situations. I use it to keep myself occupied when I don't want to think about my problems. Because I use it for just about everything, it easily makes one task last an hour. Perhaps I need to segment my time a bit more.

Day 25: Forget-Me-Nots

Sept. 4th

I confess, I did not complete either a truth or a dare on this day. I spent the day with my husby, playing video games and basically having the laziest Sunday ever. Ended with a sunset stroll at Palmer Park.

Day 26: A Dazzling Unfolding

Sept. 5th

TRUTH: Write down three things that you want to become an expert in. Take an hour today to take a first step.

1. Yoga
2. Writing
3. Being a wife (and by this, I don't mean cooking/cleaning/household tasks...I mean learning to be a part of a team, figuring out how to best support and encourage my husband)

Day 27:The North Star

Sept. 6th

TRUTH: Describe a reoccurring dream you've had. What do you think it is trying to tell you?

Most of the reoccurring dreams I've had involve me trying to get somewhere to accomplish some important thing that no one else around me has a clue about. Or they involve me trying initiate a sense of urgency in the people around me - aka, a murderer is coming and we need to get out of here. 

I think this has to do with the fact that I shy away from situations where I am dealing with a problem that no one else can help me with. I like being alone...but I don't really want to have to accomplish big things alone. 

Day 28: Good Things Run Wild - ONE BIG THING

Sept. 7th

This will remain a surprise till next week. Can't wait to see you then!

Nifty Tip: Make your own iced tea or fruit juice and pour it into glass Snapple bottles. It makes me extremely happy and also saves money (plus, I can sweeten mine with Stevia and keep it THM). 

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