MOPS 28-Day Challenge: Week 2

My favorite comfy pants, ones that I bought a few years ago in Thailand. 

DAY 8: Aug. 18

DARE: Commit to not complaining about anything for 24 hours.

Crazy how difficult that can be. I wish I could say that I responded to every situation with peace and contentment today, but this happened to be the day that I locked myself out of my car. GO FIGURE. I sweated, struggled, cursed inwardly, judged other people for not helping me, and was extremely anxious about my predicament. It wasn't till after it was over that I realized that I had not spent that time getting closer to God - I had spent it trying to be a strong woman who was allowed to hate the world for her problems.

DAY 9: Aug. 19

DARE: Spend a few minutes focusing on your breathing.

I did! More than a few, actually; I'm trying to do a bit of yoga every morning, to stretch my sore hips and do some "light" exercise.

My art projects. Forgot that using acrylic paint on canvas to write letters is a tricky business.

DAY 10: Aug. 20

DARE: Spend one hour doing something that makes you feel alive. Hire a babysitter if you need to...this is important.

Spent time doing art, sipping coffee, and wearing big headphones to listen to my Pandora station started from Blackmill. It was lovely, and I forgot that I was grown-up and pregnant and just felt It was simple.

Recognize this quote/page? I stole it from an REI catalogue. Classy, I know.

DAY 11: Aug. 21

TRUTH: What do you feel most grateful for? Make a list.

  • Loving husband
  • Healthy pregnancy and baby (so far)
  • Birthdays: little excuses to feel special and dress up
  • God doesn't change
  • Mountains
  • Coffee
  • Creativity, art, words
  • The internet! As annoying as it can be that we use the internet for literally everything, it is also a great blessing to have so much information at my fingertips.
  • Clean, safe water (something I take for granted every day)
  • Comfy pants
  • Libraries
  • Cheese
  • Music
  • Stoplights: those few extra minutes of chill time before arriving at your destination can be a blessing. A standstill moment just for you. 

DAY 12: Aug. 22

TRUTH: What do you look forward to when you wake up in the morning? 

Honestly, mornings are tough for me. I hate waking up. But a few things get me a little more eager to leave my pillow nest: kisses from husby, a breakfast that involves sugar, a planned meeting with a good friend, or some relaxing yoga. 

DAY 13: Aug. 23

TRUTH: What is your favorite color and what does it symbolize?

My secondary favorite color likes to change with the seasons of life, but my primary one has always been purple. Not weak, bland lavender, but a purple that's bold. Purple is never afraid to do the hard thing. Purple is strong and happy, without being shallowly smiley like yellow. It has a dark side, but a little sunshine makes it pop. 

DAY 14: Aug. 24

Today, I decided to do both...because why not?
TRUTH: Write a love letter to your body. Include all the ways it makes you experience the world. 

This one was fun, because I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant and I understand my body less and less every day. 

DARE: Send a sexy text to your man. A picture is worth bonus points. 

Nifty Tip #2: If you want line breaks in your instagram post, write it out in a separate app first (such as notes or facebook) and then copy and paste it to instagram. It should keep the formatting that you want.

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