MOPS 28-Day Challenge: Week 1

MOPS stands for "Moms of Preschoolers" - which I am obviously not. They are an organization that has founded hundreds of groups all over the US who are all dedicated to moms being moms together. They meet for encouragement, rest (someone babysits all the kids!), and just fun as women. In that respect, with my little girl still hibernating in-utero, I count as a mom that can participate in this (club?).

I went to a sort of "open house" for a MOPS group the other day, and it was very encouraging to meet other women...and slightly overwhelming to be in a room full of kids and frazzled moms and realizing that that's my future. Yikes. Good thing babies take a while to get to the chaotic stage.

Once I joined MOPS online, I received a fun "welcome package." Included was a 28-Day Challenge. Each day, there is a TRUTH or DARE that you must complete. Cheesy, certainly. But it gives me something simple to focus on...and becomes yet another thing I can write about. So why not?

I don't want to take away from the awesome materials that MOPS supplies their members with, so I won't be giving you all the challenges. I'll just write about the ones that I chose to do and hopefully inspire you to do something every day that either forces you to be honest with yourself, or release your inhibitions and do something silly.


DAY 1 (August 11, 2016)

TRUTH: In what ways do you feel out of control in your life? (Technically I already did this one, in my post Control a couple of weeks ago. But I chose the dare anyway.)
DARE: Jump into some water. Drove to Cheyenne Mountain Canyon, found a pull-off next to the creek/river, and plunged my chaco-d feet into the refreshing water. Sometimes you just need to feel something that you can't stop or change, like the crazy power of water. 

DAY 2 (Aug. 12)

TRUTH: What is your favorite thing that has happened in the dark? Journal about the experience. Shooting stars, soul-baring moments with friends, night hikes at camp, bonfires with guitars and many memories. It was really hard to pick my favorite one.

DAY 3 (Aug. 13)

TRUTH: What are two things you hope your kids will talk about as adults when they describe their memories of you?
1. My adventurous spirit. I want them to join me in feeling like anything is possible, and to admire the way that I take them with me into any and all adventures - even if it doesn't seem exciting in the beginning.
2. The importance of priorities. Not that I was always organized, disciplined, or had dinner on time. But that every day, I had fun, made time for God, showed them love, and did something that was important to me (whether that be a hike, writing, or a date with the husby). 

DAY 4 (Aug. 14)

TRUTH: What do you value most in a friend? Are you that kind of friend?
I've always been under the impression that I'm a good friend. No one has ever told me differently. But is that simply because it's not something you feel like you can tell someone? "Hey, get your act together, be a better friend!" Maybe I need to hear this. The truth is, what I value most in friendship is someone who transports me to another place. Who makes mundane things hilarious and turns disasters into adventures. That's why I've felt so lonely lately: I don't know how to do this for myself. I depend on others to create the life that I want to lead. But am I bothering to create that for others? Do I seek out ways to be a better friend and make someone else's life more exciting?
No. I don't. 

I wish I could just blame it on being introverted. But I can't. 

DAY 5 (Aug. 15)

DARE: Sit in the dark alone for 30 minutes tonight.

DAY 6 (Aug. 16)

DARE: Get frisky with your husband somewhere new. Surprise him with an amorous overture when (and where!) he least expects it. Obviously no details necessary for this one...

DAY 7 (Aug. 17)

Tap into your creative birthing energy. Have you always wanted to paint a cnvas, throw a pottery bowl, write a poem, start a business, rearrange your living room, or sing in front of an audience - but you've held bck for some reason? Take the first step.
I miss art. I used to play around with every type of art media you can think of at home. But now that I have almost zero workspace and my art materials consist of markers and scissors, I've shut down artistically. Today I create some canvas art and hand-sew some more lines on my quilt! (Pictures will come next week.)

Pregnancy has knocked me all over the place recently, so I will confess that I did not always do these challenges on the prescribed day. They did, however, all get done in the same week. Gee, I sound like a mom already...

Have you heard of MOPS or are you doing the 28-Day Challenge? Is there another challenge you've accepted recently - maybe a workout regimen, a devotional plan, a focus on drinking more water? Whatever it is, tell me about it! I love a good friendly competition to keep me going in life.

See you next week!

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