Book Review: Twenty-Something Literature

I ran out of fun things to read, and lately I don't know how to go about finding new books. My default for years has been to wander around the YA section at the library. Now that I'm hugely pregnant and (mostly) an adult, this method seems trivial (not to mention embarrassing).

Instead, I trolled a few lists on the internet for books that twenty-somethings should read. I sifted through a lot before ordering these from the library and then devouring them in the comfort of my home.

Yes, I still go to the library. Old habits die hard. Besides, when you're on a budget and space is tight, you really cannot afford to indulge in your love of books by actually purchasing them. It just gets out of hand too quickly!

Gah. I love books. Tell me some of your recent favorites, I'm begging you. I need more reading material!

Below are my short reviews, complete with a few quotes from each one so you get an idea of the writer's voice. 

Graduates in Wonderland by Jessica Pan and Rachel Kapelke-Dale

Fun, quirky, and written in the format of emails between two best friends in different countries. I loved the element of travel/different cultures. Absolutely enjoyed this book. It reminded that in reality, no one really knows in what moment they became an adult. I mean, how does this even happen to us carefree twenty-somethings?!

"...When I get too comfortable and fall into a routine...going around my problems rather than confronting them, I soon revert back to being timid. Do you find that this is a struggle for you as well? I'm learning that I always have to fight to stay confidant and strong - it's not something I can take for granted."
"...Another acquaintance told me offhandedly that she couldn't believe I was the kind of girl who was going to follow a man all the way to Australia. When she said this, I didn't even recognize myself in the comment. Then I felt stung. Despite the evidence that I am going to do this, am I the kind of girl who does this? This is an entirely different question."

Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without A Date by Katie Heaney

This one was interesting to me, since the main character's personality is very similar to mine. She details her life of singleness and how she cannot seem to have any sort of a "normal" dating life, or even a boyfriend. I found it to be hilarious. Tread carefully, though, there were some sexual references (don't I have to report that if I'm doing a review? Aren't I required? Ugh, just be an adult and choose your own reading material. I will be a proper introvert and ignore you.)
"What hypothetical people might think in hypothetical situations has often bothered me a great deal."
(I'm totally guilty of that, every day...)
"...And right away I understood why so many of us do this to each other all the time: it is addictive and soothing. 'Do YOU think we should break up?' 'Do YOU think I'm being needy because I'm afraid of losing him?' The idea that somebody else could know you better than you is always so very insulting up until the point that it's comforting and easy. I am sick of dealing with my life. YOU take it, for once."

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown

This one was more of textbook/how to than I expected; not the fun read I was looking for. I knew most of these "adulting" tips because I was raised in a home where I was required to help with cooking, cleaning, laundering, and caring for pets at a young age.

If, however, you are young and overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that being on your own and dealing with the real world (car maintenance, taxes, budgeting, etc.) requires, this is a fun way to learn how to survive. Kelly presents everything in a simple, easy-to-read manner, and all her steps are organized in a way that makes it easy to skim for information you need.
"Ugh, money. The worst. Being responsible about finances is terrifically grown-up - it requires impulse control, thinking about the future rather than the present, delaying gratification, and realizing that yes, you probably can survive without those vintage sunglasses. And it's really, really hard for some of us."

The red mug is from the weekend I spent in NYC; I bought it at The Strand bookstore. If you ever get a chance to go to that exciting city, please visit this house of books! Worth it. 


Clean out your nalgene/water bottle cap with a cue tip. I almost barfed when I saw what came out of there (although my pregnant body might have had something to do with that reaction). Seriously, I ONLY USE MY NALGENE FOR WATER. Why is it so gross?!



  1. I would pick up "Love Does" by Bob Goff if you haven't read it! One of my fav's! Nursing school killed my time and motivation to read and I'm just getting back into it... It's a long lost hobby that I truly missed... If you want fiction, I couldnt put the "The Hunter Games" down. I'm currently reading "You before me" ( well, listening to it; travel nursing.... Gives me something to do on 22 hour drives), and it's pretty interesting. Nothing I expected, but I'm loving it! I've heard that the "Girl on the Train" is a good mystery book, and it's definitely on my bucket list, so if that's something you like, I'd check it out. Hope these give you a few things to pick up this summer!

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